Please explain if I was stood up and I should forgive this sketchy dude?

AAlright so me and this guy have been talking for the past couple of weeks and he got my number at a mutual friend hang out. Through text he's really sweet and charming ALWAYS waking me up with good morning beautiful texts and asking how I'm doing and what I'm doing. He even proclaimed once through text that I was going to be his future gf and was sad when I found out that I just got out of a awful relationship. So in order to get things going with him and I, I asked if he wanted to chill with me. I offered for us to do something casual and he said netflix at his house and I was like nah how about just hang out at the park. This was two days in advance. I offered to drive to his part of town and he said he was all for it cause he would be free. When Friday rolled around i got woken up with the same goodmorning beautiful text and i asked him hey whats the address to the park by your house at 11 am i can be there at 4. AND HE NEVER TEXTED ME BACK!!! i waited all day and nothing came so i didn't bother to get ready. so i was like eff it forget him and i didn't text or call to ask what happened. five days later he texts me and says "hey beautiful sorry about last week my phone got cut off and I just got it cut back in today". which i think is a total lie knowing he has an iPhone 5s, assuming he can pay the bill for that. It is now Saturday three days after the text and I haven't texted back because I'm hurt and I don't want to be played. Should I text him back what should I do? Why did he do this?


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  • No. He's obviously bsing you.
    I mean, if you really like someone, wouldn't you want to be with them?
    Unless he messages you explaining and apologizing about that day, then you can message him.
    But for now, no excuses nor nonsenses.
    You don't need a flaky guy.

  • no offense, but this sounds like one of those super pretentious player guys who talk to a bunch of girls but don't meet them. however, if i was in this situation and i liked the guy, i think just be straight with them. text him that you really want to meet up (IN PUBLIC) no matter what. if he still avoids it, or just wants to meet up at his house etc... drop it. that's hella sketchy. please stay safe and meet in public. if you end up going to his house or anywhere else just let people know where you'll be and preferably give them a name/picture etc. it might sound ridiculous, but my mom does this when she goes on dates as well.

    • yeah i feel you. i just don't understand why he had to lie. i want to beat him at his own game

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