Why everybody keep blaming me because I'm dating a guy in 19 and I'm 24 years old I love him but they keep telling me that we should break up?

I'm dating a guy who is in 19 years old and I'm 24 and i like him but people keep telling me that is wrong because i like guy who are younger than me and i slept with him and i really like him and he likes me back but now i started to think about what people said to me and that I'm crazy about ((baby guy)) i don't know what does that mean but maybe i have a disease or something.
Should i break up with him?
Am i sick or something or i did something wrong when i date men in this age?


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  • Don't go listening to anyones opinions.

    Stay strong. I have a lot of respect for you.

    The thing i hate most about society is this stupid mind set of girls having to date older guys and that they shouldn't date anyone younger.

    There is nothing wrong.

    Im about 18 and like this girl who was 23. All i get is, age age age. Turns out she's 21 so better for me :)

    Why should a guy not be able to date an older girl that he loves and wants to be with because of what others think.

    If you love someone, can support them be there for them why should age matter?

    • Will i don't think about age but i found younger guys so hot and attractive i love to date them for himself not for anything
      But since my friends told me that I'm doing something wrong i start thinking about their words to me it's still in my mind.

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    • The big problem in my mom too!
      She didn't support me at all.
      I dated a guy who was in 18 and he was amazing and great guy but unfortunately we broke up because he wanted to focus on his studying
      He's not a kid he's a man
      And you're a man and i didn't see younger guys like kids or something like that so don't listen to anyone.

    • Your parents won't support you at first. It may get some getting used to. My mum personally doesn't mind me liking a 21 year old girl.

      If you guys wanna be together do it. Especially you. you're a 24 year old. Hopefully they get used to it.

      Maybe your friends or mum should meet and hang out with him as well and so that he can show everyone how he is a man and not a kid.

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  • Your both within normal legal age dating, I do not allow people make you break up with him cause of their negative minds feeding you full of lies, No you don't have a disease okay your fine
    age is just a number, you can date anyone who is age of consent

    • I don't hate old guys but i found younger is more attractive to me
      And people keep telling me that I'm wrong and i should date someone who is in 25-30 or something :S

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    • That's great i love people like you who don't care abou age

    • So many people label others and it's not fair , If not about age than it's about a persons race , family and friends are just crazy and i ignore Judgmental people

  • Screw the naysayers, according to the XKCD dating formula https://xkcd.com/314/ 24-19 is a perfectly valid dating range.

    It's just 5 years. He's technically an adult. Also, I had an acquaintance who was around 40, and she started dating someone who was 28 - they live together and even have a kid. (please note that it's still okay based on the formula).

    So, if you like him, then why the hell would you break up because of peer pressure? You know what you're doing. Keep yourself true to your heart and intuition.

    • Because I've dated guy in his age for 6 times
      So people think that I'm crazy because i fall for younger guys.

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    • Maybe I'm sick or something because i do that :S

  • Tell them you feel 19 with him..

  • Ignore them. If it makes you happy, stick with it.

    • I will try to do that

  • 24/2 + 7 = 19

    He's the acceptable age for dating, there's nothing wrong with your relationship at all. I never understood how a guy being 10 years older is okay big a woman being even a year older isn't, to be honest.

    • Yeah but people didn't see that
      They said i have obsession with young men!

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  • Oh no, a girl dating a younger guy, stop the presses, end of the world omfg!!1!

    Don't let IDIOT people dictate your life. If both of you are happy together, why should age matter?

    It's not like you're dating an underage guy, so all the people, who are freaking out, are honest to god complete morons.

    Society likes to place double standards everywhere. See, if the genders were swapped, this would be completely normal. In fact, it would be considered a perfect relationship. But god forbid the girl to be older, suddenly it's a big deal and everyone shits themselves.

    • They made me feel bad about myself everytime i date someone because they're younger than me.

    • Maybe you should stop hanging out with such small minded people and get yourself some less bigoted friends.

    • You're 100% right
      I should do that.

  • nothing wrong with it you are both considered adults dont let other people tell you what you can and cannot do

    • I really don't want to break up with him this time like the others. :(

  • go on with your cougar ways, you're both adults, and it isn't even a big difference.
    it is a little creepy if it's the fact that he's younger that turns you on, that sounds predatory.

    • What do you mean by predatory? :O

    • well it might be the fact that you feel you have power over them that turns you on

    • No I'm not that kind of girls

  • fuck them! it's not about what they think, it's about what u feel. and if u r both happy then who gives a rat's ass what the world thinks? besides, 3 years isn't such a big gap. my uncle is 46 and his gf is 29 and they're one of the happiest couples I know! x

    • Because I've dated guy in his age for 6 times
      So people think that I'm crazy because i fall for younger guys.
      The last one was in 18 but we didn't stay together for a long time it's only for 5 months then we broke up.
      And now my new boyfriend is 19 and people say that i keep making mistakes again.

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    • I'm more concerned about the 6 times than the age difference, haha.

    • Don't worry about any of it there is absolutely nothing wrong with u. x

  • cougar alert!! lol...there's nothing wrong with it as long as you both are happy together

  • Do what makes you happy. Five years is not a big difference and it's not like he is underage or anything. I'm not sure why people would take issue with it.

    • They thought that I'm crazy because i have dated many guys between 18-22

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