Do I just give up and forget about him?

So me & my guy friend have had more then a friendship but not dating for the last year. Anyways I'm really confused with how he feels, good points:
1) while drunk he said 'why can't you be 5 years older so I can get serious with you.'
2) when I asked for us to stop texting each other he replied back saying 'it's kinda shit as I did enjoy banter with you. He also broke the agreement messaging me first.
3) after I said about cutting things off he wrote on a social networking site about how he makes bad decisions & how he's missed a chance & how he's afraid of change.
4) he invited me over for massages & after he cuddled me & we fell asleep in bed. He also told his mum I was coming round for massages which is a big thing as we were keeping it low key.
5) he let me stay the other night when normally I would just go home as I only live around the corner.
6) whenever we argue he always tries to end it & always erasures me he will message me later even when I tell him I don't want him in my life.
7) he gets EXTREMELY jealous.

Bad points:
1) when I asked what we were he said nothing. (What led to the no texting & status)
2) lately he doesn't text me a lot, we spend a lot more time with each other talking & so forth, but the texting isn't like what it used to be.
3) he'll say one thing one day & the next he'll change his mind.


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  • He's Controlling and wants a Friends With Benefits style friendship/relationship!!!

    Nuff Said!!!

    Deal With IT!!!
    ...or move on!


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