Silence after 3rd great date.. what should I do?

We went on 3 dates. Went great, there's a lot of all I want in a man in him. Thing is we said we'd meet on Friday, the night before I tried to set an hour so I'd know how to plan my day, and he kind of said he doesn't know if he'd be free at all, that his family is coming for a visit and that we'd have to see along the day. (He's seen his family like 3 times this week, so it's not one of those once in a couple of months things).
I felt unappreciated and didn't answer to that. All Friday went by, didn't hear from him, checked my phone like an addict :(, nothing. It's a surprise from him. I was so sure he's gonna talk to me, no matter the meeting. Nothing. Silence. And he's been on and off FB although he doesn't use it that much usually. He might be waiting for me to contact him... Idk. We used to talk every day, a lot.
I really really like him, this is a shock. Should I wait for him to come to me, or should I casually ask him how he's doing? I hate games, I'm not cut out for this. I don't wanna waste my time too.
I don't think he's seeing other girls.. well yet. :(
Guys, please give me an advice. Have I lost him?


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  • if you hate games, why are you playing then? you are bitching over one suspended date so what do you expect from him? you didn´t answer, why should he? he can´t read your mind and know that you are upset and feel unappreciated.

    • Hey, I don't. I was just waiting for him to update me on the plans.. which never happened.. and after that I just got scared he'd lost interest, didn't wanna appear needy or something, give him the space he needed. :\

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    • Yup, the roller coaster of life.
      Good Night there! Or Good afternoon!

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  • You didn't answer him. He most likely thinks YOU are playing games and won't text you again until you show some interest in him.

    So call/text him already.


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  • sounds like he lost interest, for whatever reason

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