What makes a first date pleasant for you?

We've all had our share of terrible dates with someone new. Those stories are simply horror stories so there's no need to reminisce back at them.

I wanted to know your experiences: what you did with that person for the first time, what you talked about and how you felt after the night was over.

I look forward to reading your experiences!


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  • Having a good time, sharing, laughing, feeling a little bit of chemistry, ending it with wanting more and looking forward to seeing her next time.


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  • Greatt day what a personal question. An really attractive girl who likes cats and asks to fuck Me. Aye you asked

  • I went to the cinema and then had some pizza afterwards and it was an amazing date because we both made each other laugh our heads off and there was natural chemistry and top it off she sent me a lovely text thanking me for a fantastic afternoon.

    I miss her. :'(

  • A first date will be a huge win if:

    1) the girl is hot
    2) we have good time
    3) she seems into it and into me, and
    4) it ends in a second date.


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