I text like a boss but when it comes to speaking?

When ever i get a girls no I text so good and we both enjoy it but when it comes to one on one talking I am whack and I jus run out of things to say and jus end up Brent silent and fucking up everything, HELP


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  • There isn't an easy, quick fix for this.

    Basically.. it will happen naturally when you find a girl you really click with...

    Or.. you can just practice, practice, practice...

    One hint.. would be to ask questions.. get her talking about herself.. and then actually listen, and ask follow up questions..

    this way she will feel like you really like and are interested in her... while she ends up carrying the conversation for you..

    • Guess al have to practice a lot and mess up a lot of times

  • What I like to do when I like a guy is to talk about things you and your friends do so I can learn more about you and see how much fun you have. It kind of let's me imagine what we'd be doing if we were all hanging out. Possibly talk about a topic you both have experience in and that can lead to what you and your friends do. Ask her what she likes to do. Don't ask yes and no questions, that just shortens the convo
    So just go up and bring up whatever is on your mind, and it can turn out to be a great conversation. Really there is no reason to get nervous around a girl when you're talking, personally I love when a guy comes to me to talk.


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