Did this guy only want sexually advances from me?

So me and this guy haven't been talking for long. We met on Instagram, he goes to school with a couple of people I know so it wasn't so random. We exchange numbers and chatted mostly everyday. We plan to chill at his place. But before going I told him that we weren't doing anything, I didn't wan got kiss or any sexual things. I just got out if a really bad situation with a pervious guy so I really wanted to take things slow, and he was aware of this, so I thought. So we go to chill and he sits me on his lap and he's trying to kiss me. Than he asks if he could eat me out, I declined and than he asked if I could give him oral.. After all that I told him he was treating like some slut, and I told him I was a virgin so I would think he would take things slow. After chilling he was like "we should just be friends". I thought that was pretty obvious since we just started talking.. I cut him off as soon as I got home.


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