How to approach girls on dating sites?

girls: how do you wan´t to be approached on dating sites, what do you like to talk about.

guys: what is most successfully for you.

both: given that i don´t just want to hook up


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  • Bring up something in her profile (not at the beginning or the end of the profile, but something in the middle to prove you read it!)...when you message her. Also throw in some humor.

    Pretty much personalize the message to HER, dont send a generic sounding message.

    That's what i do and although im new to this online dating thing, i get some responses. 8-)


    Keep in mind that women on dating sites get a lot of messages, so you're going to have to send out many to just get one reply,

    and most importantly you have to make YOUR message stand out, because every woman online is DROWNING in inbox messages and you can be easily overlooked otherwise.

    • thats pretty much what i do (at least i try). i know about the "sausage fest" problem problem on dating sites thats a real problem

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    • for me its even apparent online... i´d never approach a random girl in the street. i am just way to shy. that is why i need the tips for dating sites.

    • Thanks for MH! 8-)

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  • If a guy brings up something in my profile or asks about something I was doing in one of my pictures, that's usually a good start and I'm pretty likely to respond to him if I think he's cute and interesting. It shows that he's not really just trolling around for sex and that he has some basic social skills and courtesy - do unto others online as you would IRL, 'cause if you're lucky you might get to set up an actual date.


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