Girls, I need help finding something out?

So I've been talking/ seeing this girl for a couple weeks, and everything is going great. But im worried that the same thing that happened with the last girl is going to happen with this one. Im worried shell see my...stuff... and then basically tell me off, cause its kind of on the smaller side.

Is there any subtle way to fibd out if this will be a problem? Cause I honestly don't think I could handle the humiliation again.


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  • You can't really change how she may react to it. I think you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. Okay you're not the biggest guy, but that doesn't mean you can't please a woman. A girl really should not make you feel bad about it, and most likely she might be a little more comfortable with you because she doesn't feel the need to be perfect.
    Guys will have their insecurities, and girls will have theirs.


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