Is my Taurus date interested in a relationship?

I'm an aquarius, and have been dating a taurus man for about a month now, and things seem have been really good. At first he was persistant in arranging to see me. On the first date he was very expressive about how much he liked me, and our first kiss was amazing. We have slept together. He introduced me to his family on the second date which was surprising, and invited me to a party which he introduced me to his friends. We have seen each other most weekends, go out cinema etc although at the party I got a bit emotionally drunk and expressed how much i liked him and asked what our status was, in which he replied "Just taking it slow, don't wanna rush into things"

This weekend he seems like he would rather spend time with friends, and won't really reply to me much. I feel like things have turned round thi weekend and I'm the one who is more persistant in arranging to see him. I'm worried I might of messed things up somehow. Should I not take this personally and just let him hang with friends this weekend? I know that if I ask him he will tell me I worry too much or something! I would really love to be in a relationship with this guy, do you think there have been signs he is interested in a relationship with me?


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