Do guys realize when they messed you badly with a girl their dating? Do they apologize or just let you go because their too embarrassed?

I recently had a guy I'm seeing freak out on me over something stupid and insignificant. He as drinking and I'm not sure what his problem was but he definitely took it out on me. One minute we were fine. Hanging out and making plans for our weekend. And then I think his ex starts texting him and upset him I think. He said really mean things to me. He said I was replaceable and kicked me out of his house. I know most of you guys are like she had to do something but I didn't. I've never seen him like this before. The way he looked at me was scary. Like I meant nothing to him. He told me to go find another guy and that I fucked with him so it's my loss. I didn't do anything. I tried to make him see that he was being unfair to me and mean but he's being really stubborn. So I told him I deserve better than this and that I was done. He just replied "nice" after that. Do you think he will realize that he was wrong and apologize? Should I wait for an explanation or just cut him off? I don't want to be treated like that again. I'm not sure if he was taking his frustration out on me because I was there or if he actually means those things and I mean nothing to him


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  • I have been in his shoes. Can't speak for him but if you give him space he will most likely realize he was in the wrong and maybe even apologize. A lot of times when alcohol and exs are involved emotions go wild and hurtful things come out that aren't necessarily what we believe. There's no reason to put yourself through emotional abuse though so I'd say only give him another chance if you're sure it won't happen again


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  • he should better have a pretty good excuse for that behavior. i think everybody deserves a second chance and a chance to apologize and be forgiven but you should definitely let him go if it happens again.


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  • Personially I feel cut him off it odd how he acted like that once his ex texted him. Reg flag to me but if you wanna talk to him and wait you can it really up to you but I think it fishy and odd and you said he was drinking and he look scary that also a reg flag for me to me he shouldn't be drinking if he going ti act like that. I don't know tho it just what im getting from the details your giving up I say cut him off. You di deserve better.

  • Cut him off for good. You're not his trash can where he can dump his shtty emotions that his EX makes him feel? There are so many things wrong with this picture I don't even know where to begin but I'll try:
    1) He's texting his EX
    2) His EX has emotional power over him
    3) He thinks it's OK to treat you like crap

    • Well it's his ex wife and they were arguing over their child

    • Keep making excuses for him.. that's why he takes it out on you, because he knows he can get away with it.