Should I bring this up to him.?

So there is this guy that I have been dating for about 2 weeks now and he isn't ready to have girlfriend since his last relationship was for over 5 years and he was really hurt when they broke up. It's my fault for asking what we were the first time we kissed I will say that. I'm definitely not asking him to be my boyfriend right away because I know about his last relationship and don't want to pressure him into doing anything too quickly. But he did say that we are dating exclusively.

But when he was out with my friend he said that he is happy just dating me and that he really likes me but he does want that option of dating other girls since he never has had the chance. I've also noticed that he has been a little distant lately since we haven't been talking as often as we did before.

But my question is should I tell him that he has the option so he doesn't have to feel like he has to just commit to me or so he doesn't feel trapped or should I just not say anything and go with the flow. If I should tell him what should I say? All answers are definitely appreciated.


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  • Go with the flow.

    If he has lost interest in you and you want to know the best way to find out is by basically asking questions.

    Maybe you should ask him out to dinner or something.
    If he agrees then you can sorta slide in the question "How do you feel about us?" Don't seem insecure guys find that annoying and if he's already expressed his feelings recently he could be even more annoyed that your asking again.

    It is very possible that he's having a hard time getting over the past relationship. & You could be a Rebound. If thats the case your best bet is to be a good friend to him. Allow him to work on himself and get over the past before moving on.

    There is no reason why someone who was in something serious should be committing to anyone else right away.


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  • I'd say you should figure out what YOU want and decide off of that. Protect your heart. If he's spent 5 years with someone and now ponders the idea of seeing what's out there it could spell trouble.

    Being a guy that was in his shoes I can say its tough to make a full commitment after being hurt, and wanting to see what the potions are. I put my last gf through a lot of pain for those very reasons.

    His view makes perfect sense and its not wrong. But you both may want different things

    • Advice, give him a few more weeks. But, set a time frame for yourself for him to commit to you.

  • he may need more time to trust a woman again give it time if he likes and loves you and trust women again he will open up more when he is ready


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  • It's depends on what your okay with. Are you okay dating him and having feelings for him while he is dating other women? Don't put yourself in that situation because your afraid of losing him.

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