Should I ignore it and keep going or should I end it?

I met him on winter break, we dated for a week, met his family, and had dinner with his parents. Break's over he goes back to GA and I to NY. After 2 months of skypes, texting and FB messages, he started acting kind of shady, and ignoring me. He never reply my text anymore, and his snapchat bestfriend is another girls and not me. Should I ignore it and keep going or should I dump him?


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  • I wouldn't be interested in that kind of relationship. A lot of work to make it happen, and you two are so far apart. I say end it.


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  • End it. Just take my word for it. If you think he's distancing himself, he is. If you don't you'll end up getting hurt. He's either found someone in Georgia or he's losing interest in the long-distance thing. It's sad, but that's the way men work.

    That said, if he begs you to stay while you're breaking things off, maybe give him another chance.

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