This guy is confusing me! Help?

So I was at this party and this guy I was interested in told me he was interested in me too. I have him my number and once I got home he told me he really liked me and I said I liked him too. he told me he wanted to date me but that we couldn't because the school year is almost over and he was going to be busy all summer. plus we are going to different schools next year. I told him I didn't mind and that we could make it work but he kept saying it would be too difficult. I told him he was making it more difficult than it really was and that I would date him in the summer if he wanted to but then he never responded. I looked at Twitter and he has been tweeting stuff but it's been 5 hours and he still won't respond. is he suddenly not interested anymore? like why is he not responding, he knows I have a Twitter and that I can see his tweets.. it's confusing me so much because he told me he really wants to date me and have a thing with me. please help!


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  • Hmmm... only 5 hours? Just give a little more time to see if he responds. He may be nervous about jumping into a relationship.

    He could also be the jealous type. Since you're going to a different school next year, the possibility of you dating another guy may be on his mind. He may want his girl closer.

    I would say, wait a day or 2 to see if he responds.

    • I would agree with this. Just give the guy more time. Sometimes people are not so quick on deciding.

    • And what if he still doesn't reply in 2 days? should I text him? or should I just ignore him and the whole situation since he clearly read it and is not answering?

    • If he doesn't reply in 2 days, I would say give him a call. Just 1 call. If he answers, talk about the situation. If he doesn't answer, leave a message if you can or wait until he calls back.

      I say 1 call (Instead of multiple) because you don't want to come off as annoying. If he's interested, he will call or text back.

      A face to face talk would be the best if you have that option though.

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  • I don't know and I suggest that you not care about it. The fact that you still have summer vacation and that somehow factors into the relationship tells me this whole conversation is going to be unclear and confusing. I suggest just moving on. Don't worry about his motives or what he's doing just move on. You're young you have plenty more life to live and plenty more people to meet don't waste your time on this situation.


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