Honestly...who gets approach more average looking girls or stunning girls? Explain your answer..?

Honestly...who gets approach more average looking girls or stunning girls? Explain your answer..


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  • Average girls get approached more.

    Super hot models often complain about never having a boyfriend because men don't approach them. To the average dude, a woman who is a 12/10 is so attractive that he thinks she'd simply ignore him. To the average looking dude, rejection is imminent if he asked her out. The result is that very attractive women may get stared at a lot by men, but rarely approached.

    On the other hand, average girls approachable. They seem more on the level, and are thus easier to talk to.

    Strangely, if a gorgeous girl has an average or ugly looking boyfriend, men suddenly are more prone to making a move on her. They will look at the ugly boyfriend and think "Yo, I'm better than that sucker", which will inflate their own ego.

    It's only when the woman is alone with no other man around her, that men have no metric to judge themselves by.


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  • Average girls get approached more. The super hot girls will more likely be approached by the guys who think they are a gift to women and not very likely to get the average guy. The average girl will get all types of guys. The hot ones see a easy lay and the average ones ser a chance not to get rejected.

  • Keep in mind that it takes a very secure man to date a supermodel. Why date a supermodel and feel like your constantly trying to compete with every other guy? A common state of mind.

    A flaw, yes, but a common one. Unfortunately and perhaps stereotypically the "supermodel" is considered high maintenance as well.

  • Of course stunning girls. Because they are way way more desirable.


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