How do I tell my best friend that I like him? I've known this guy literally my whole life. We're definitely best friends. (Talk about being friendzoned! xD) We drift close and far away every once in a while. He's extremely nice and smart and hilarious. Though, since we are such great friends, we know about each other's relationship pasts, and neither are great. About last year, we got really close. He comes over to hang out every once in a while. He does compliment me (calls me beautiful, says he likes my hair or what I'm wearing,) which can easily be mistaken for flirting, but I know it's to be friendly. I'm just asking, how can I kinda flirt with him to hint to him like, "hey, I like you," you know? I'm sorry if this seems childish and/or confusing. If you need anymore info, I'll gladly give. I just wanna know how to hint at him, and see if a relationship between us would work or not. Thanks! :)


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  • Well gosh! Do you really think he does not know you like him? You have had a long friendship and so must know each other quite well. He has no other female interests. He is practically your boyfriend already. I suggest that nonverbal communication might be missing.

    Approach him through the five senses. Touch his shoulders to emphasize agreement when he says such a thing, and even give him a little side hug if you can work it into the moment. Pat him lightly on the back at times. If you two are walking along together, hold his hand. Speak to him and ask his opinion on things important to you. Look nice so he will know you are looking nice just for him. He comes to see you because he likes you and he knows you like him, so start behaving like a couple. Always stand or sit closely to him. Eye contact. Smile.

    Invite him to a movie. Ask his help with a problem he might know about. Tell him you want to go somewhere but don't want to go alone. Tell him to come over when you want to see him.

    Maybe if you just said, "I kind of like you, guy" that would really get his heart pumping. Just a thought here, but he may be even more shy than you are and fears showing his manly feelings to you. But from your words, I think you own the dude.


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  • Well you just told us how you felt didn't you lol.


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  • I think it's just more straightforward if you go and tell him. Don't be afraid. I told my friend I like him, and he told me he liked me that way back. Don't worry. You won't regret it.