Does he just want sex or does he really like me?

I have been dating a guy for about a month and a half. he claims not to be with any other girl and that I am the only one he wants, he says how special i am to him all the time and how much he cares etc. i don't really know if it is genuine or not. i feel part of it is but then part of it is to just get sex. I feel he does like me but then some things dont match up to someone that likes someone. like he doesn't even care if we have each other on fcbk or not..and he is on Facebook quite a bit (has a lot of female friends), when one likes someone they tend to like to "stalk" the person for a while at first, why doesn't he want to stalk me? he never seems to ask me qns like am i talking to other people etc. he doesn't really get jealous at all. so it seems to me like he is doing other stuff too so isn't phased if i am. so maybe he just wants sex? thoughts?


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  • Me being a sexual libertine I would ordinarily say go buy the condoms, but you say this guy has lots of female friends, which in your case is a Red Flag. You are not sure about this guy because he has not given you anything to be confident about in a possible relationship. You want a boyfriend, but not one who will be raising your suspicions about his behavior. YOU DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY.

    He has female friends, you can develop male friends. Do not commit yourself to this relationship. You might keep him in distant orbit for an occasion you need his help, but you do not want a serious relationship with the dude.

  • May be you are right.
    Take your time to know the guy well then move forward.


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