Are the normal guys waiting for the right girl?

Though I'm just 16 and don't have a bf yet, when I do I would like one that's also waiting for the right girl.

The problem is that so often, it's like they have serious issues or something. I would not want a future Elliot Rodger type that is a totally lunatic. Also the type of guy that has all the traits I would like already seems to be sleeping around. I just want one that's normal and sane, doesn't have severe acne nor anything so repelling, isn't obese nor is a freak and is waiting for the right girl by choice.

Are those types of guys available?

Also, I have bumped into a quiet a couple of those rare types but they already had a gf or one that was just 20 but also that type is already engaged.


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  • I'm still waiting and I am very patient. Still haven't had a gf so a few more years or even decades doesn't mean much


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  • I wouldn't necessarily say I'm waiting for the right girl or even the right anything. I never had a girlfriend or sex or any of that stuff, but I'm not sure if I would call it waiting. I may have some emotional issues and/or touching issues, which may have reasoning for my lack of that stuff above. I'm not sure what word I would choose rather than waiting though.

    I don't really have friends that I hang out with. There are people I know that I would call friends simply because I would feel I'm being rude for not calling them friends. It would be nice to have a friend that made me feel something more than what I feel for everyone else. Its hard for me to see the difference though. I can care about anyone and try my best to care about everyone. I have a sense of sadness when any person is simply just a memory; when they are not present with me. The are still alive, just not existing in my bubble of perceptions.

    I think I asked a question similar to the answer I'm giving. Not sure if it's really answering your question though. I may not know what you mean by normal. I can walk in the world being unnoticed as if I'm walking like everyone else. But still have a desire to be noticed by walking a little differently. I guess I'm not sure if I'm normal or waiting. I'm just living as if I am alive and wondering if someone else is doing the same.

    Sorry if I'm not answering your questions. And sorry if this sounds like I'm insulting your questions. I promise I don't mean it like that. I like your questions. If I can think of something else to say to better answer them, I'll give it a go.

    • Not insulting at all. You seem alright. I think what you would like is finding a girl that shares some of your hobbies (for instance, she may like skating just like you do or travelling and so on) or can relate to you on other topics.
      I'm not friends with everyone at my school either, esp not loud and abnoxious people that can't talk about anything else besides partying and bfs and the latest fashion or those girls that talked loudy about the latest gossip when talking on their cell phone.

    • I only have selective friends that are mature and I can relate to them.

    • Thanks for your comments. Sometimes it's difficult finding my hobbies and interests. But I know what you mean about the conversations about partying and drinking. I tend to get bored with those stories fairly quickly.

  • Your standards are a bit high, but just to say those types of guys do exist. I match your description entirely. (Not to sound narcissistic or anything of the like). In reality it is very hard to find someone of the same type. I've had girlfriends, but none of them have ever matched. Most of them are fickle and noncommittal. If you keep in mind what you want and are actively looking, the chances of you finding your "right" guy are significant. Out of seven billion people there is at least one that matches. Best of luck!

    • Her standard arnt high at all. She basically just said she wants a average looking guy who's waiting for the right girl.

      Remember girl don't ever lower your standards just for somone else to be able to reach them. Always stay true to yourself

    • I didn't say it was a bad thing at all. If you read the entire submission you would have seen that I said that she keeps looking with those standards. Check your information before you post.

  • Its too difficult to find a right person.
    Like when I found someone right for me she was already in relationships with someone else and I don't think its right to screw someone relationship for my benefits.
    Although its not like I am waiting for I have had gf's.
    But if I find someone right for me and she is equally interested in me then I would like to stay forever with that lady.
    Having said that you are too young for relationships and there is plenty of time to do those things I think you should open up a bit and be friends with girls and guys dont do those bullshit parties but talk to people and explore other dimensions of life.

    It will help you in being a much better person and I know you are good and responsible type of girl.

  • Man. This is how the dating field is for 16 year olds, already? Ouch. I thought girls got to college before they wrote that!

    • Thing is I'm not naivee and will not just want any guy that has all those traits I'm looking for but is a big time player or one already that's been with lots of girls.
      I'm not looking for a bf yet. I was just asking if the type I'm looking is still single and out there and exist? I

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    • *guess*

    • Hey, I fit most of your description up until age 18, 19 or so. Aside from wanting a family, that's always looked similar to winning the Nobel Peace Prize or joining the army--something that happens to other people.

      Granted, maybe I'm a freak, but go looking in church. A lot of them will be mildly irritating, the sort that can't even flirt, but aside from that, you should find someone you like.

  • Yeah I should think so I am one of those guys in my opinion

  • Yes, I was that guy or have been that guy. Unfortunately, I now suffer from some emotional baggage from an unrelated thing so and perhaps I am not as "normal" anymore. I think the good news for you is that I have not changed my attitude towards woman even after and would promote and celebrate for anyone having similar views.


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