I am having serious gf problems WTF help me?

so im in high school and I'm having a party for my bday and my gf tweets "ugh dreading this party" and this is just one example of many things she has done to upset me. i think she is doing drugs and she never tells me when she goes out and lately she has just not been herself. she used to be great and we are a strong couple so i know we can fix it. i have done so much to the point to where i don't really talk to other girls anymore. i love her so much, but i feel isolated because she refuses to bring me out and around with her friends. i can tell she is scared to break up with me and i don't want to break up (its been 3 years). i want to get threw this but i don't know how. help me !!!


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  • Is she acting distant

    • what do you mean by that?

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    • Aww yay well that's good maybe she was just stressed.. I know that with my sons birthday party I was telling myself god I can't what til this is over and that I didn't want to do it (which of course I would have) but my problem is that when it comes to functions I'm personally doing I want it to be perfect!!

    • Oh... Happy happy birthday!!!

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  • You're pretty much done if you feel that she's the ONLY ONE in your view. Be polygamous

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