I think she likes me, how do I know for sure? Am I just overthinking? Desperately need help! Will pick most helpful!?

So I meet this girl my sophomore year of high school, in marching band. Long story short, we went out once and offically "dated" for two months later sophomore year. The break up was mutual, realizing that we really didn't have time for a relationship. It was also my first relationship along with hers. We remained good friends ever since. Fast foward to Senior Year of high school. Due to my job, I saw her a lot, and then I got reassigned. Even though we go to the same school, I went from seeing her almost daily to almost never. When she found out about an opportunity to where I could get reassigned so that I would see her, she talked to my bosses and got me transfered to a shift that I would see her. When prom came, she was going with another guy as friends, and I was going with another girl as friends. When she found out she really wanted to make a group, so I agreed. (She also made a big deal, about NOT wanting to date her prom friind) In the past two weeks, we have texted more and talked about just about everything. Which is very unusual for her. She has also invited me to come to a few of her track meets, which due to different reasons I have not been able to make. (I do plan on possably going to susprise her at the state finals next weekend) The other big tip was when she invited me to go out with her and her friends to lunch, and insisted that I sit right next to her. Same thing happened at a friend of her's grad party, she invited me to come and then set it up so I would have to sit next to her. Im just not sure of what to do next. Her friends have aggreed that she is acting kind of strange around me, they just are not sure what it means though. However, her friends are confident that she does not want to date the guy she went to prom with. Sould I ask her out? The only issue is that she has said to her friends she does not want a summer fling, because she will be going away (2 hour drive) away from home for college). Im just so unsure about what to do.

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  • Frist her friends kno that she likes u and I reallythink u shshould ask her out it sounds like she really likes u and who said it had to be a summer fling she will only be 2 hours away she can come in on weekend or u can go there


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