Interracial Dating vs Reality?

Studies show that many people prefer to date their own race, especially when it comes to marriage and children.

There's also this: Data from more than 1 million profiles of singles looking for love online confirms that whites overwhelmingly prefer to date members of their own race. -

The cold hard truth is people are raised to value and be attracted to aspects of their own culture and therefore when looking to find a partner, they are more likely to like people that share their values, which is likely someone from a similar racial background. People have a natural, biologically ingrained attraction to people from their own race since they've historically been matched together for thousands and thousands of years. You can date interracially all you want but you can't change what is natural.

Studies also show kids that don't resemble the parents have a harder time identifying with the parents. There's a good chance if a white girl had kids with a black man that her kids would not resemble her at all. Maybe her mother wants to be able to relate to her grandchildren, to be able to see herself in them and be proud. Not to mention mixed kids have it hard. They face discrimination on both sides and have a harder time finding acceptance. Creating children so irresponsibly is wrong on so many levels.

So why all the hype about interracial dating? well the media has been promoting this for a very long time. They want to try to "normalize" it, that's basically going against human instinct. also the fact that people feel the need to promote and force interracial dating onto others is simply sickening, and to be labeled racists for not going along with it, even more sickening. These people are brainwashed, simple as that.

People will continue to date their own race. Interracial relationships are in the minority and it will stay that way.

Welcome to reality ladies and gentlemen. What do you think?

Note: just because you say "I'm in a interracial relationship" or "I'm mixed race" it does not change the facts. You're still in the minority.


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  • I can kind of understans where you are coming from. On gag The non black men who prefer white women are labeled racists automatically by black women. i see black women on here asking desperately about why white men don't like them. And then those men and some women who date within their own race are automaticallt labeled close minded and behind.

    Yes there are interracial couples

    But its wrong to force someone into guilt because they are not dating outside their race

    Both of my parents are black
    But the reality is I can pass as a latina (jlo, selena quintanilla) and I get approached by mainly latino men and honestly most speak Spanish to me because they think I am latino.

    When I do date latino men no one looks at me twice because the reality is when im with a latino I don't look like im in an interracial relationship

    a lot of people have a misconception about people who say they don't discriminate

    Just because race doesn't matter to a non black men or women doesn't mean they are going to force themselves to fall in love with a black person

    Saying you don't discrininate is not only for race its about weight, height, occupation, sexual orientation, social class


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  • Honestly, I don't think anything of interracial dating. Almost all of my own relationships have been interracial, and a lot of my family is interracial. I have no issues, and neither do my cousins/etc. I don't get the hype or condemnation, because it is just a massive non-issue to me.

    I understand why people would want someeone from their own culture - similar beliefs and its just easier. However, I don't think that even has anything to do with race, when you consider immigration and stuff. For example, I am Sri Lankan and my boyfriend is Croatian, but we both grew up in Australia. Our Australian culture it the commonality and it makes us get along really well.

  • Interracial dating and marriage is a reality, its not fiction. You only focused black and white; when the primary interracial couples are Asian and white, then white and hispanic. Your focus was on skin color and not interracial dating/marriage.

  • dude i myself is a mixed race person...and i'm in a relationship with a guy from a different race wft?

  • i don't think it has anything to do with your race , more like culture
    you can find two different races who share the same culture...and of course it will always be a minority because of people like you
    not saying that you're racist or anything
    just closed minded
    I mean you can fall in love with anyone and with anything no matter the race, gender, or even if it's consider "human"
    Love is love

  • What if I fall in love with a black man, or an Asian man? Is it not natural? If people of different skin color can have kids, it's obvious that they belong to the same species, thus it's natural that they can mate easily. Hell, it's even advisable to mix the gene pool up a little.

  • im not mad at anything u really said

    i think more and more people are doing it but at the end of the day

  • And you're right, spoken very well and with conviction. And I 99.99% agree with you. And just how you touched me I hope this get through to all my BLACK MEN AND WOMEN, and encourage them to date with in their race. !!!:) Thank you!


      Please ! Heed the messages before you, save our kids, stay in your own race and date. Us women are known to eat our young due to the unfamiliarity at birth.

  • The media seems to focus on interracial dating a lot for some reason. I'm not sure why but I just ignore it. I date whomever I want.


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  • Who cares! I'll date whoever I want regardless of race. There's a huge difference between race and culture too.. People of all races can have a similar culture. Also if society didn't have expectations based on race those young children wouldn't need to have a racial identity at all. They could be and act however the hell they want and nobody would think any different of it.

  • I am so sick of people equating "race" to culture, it is infuriating. Know what? Screw culture, culture is nothing more than an excuse to separate people, one day, I hope there will only be one culture. I swear, it's people and posts like this that remind me, every time I have hope for the human race, why I despise humanity.

  • What's the question