How do I approach beautiful women?

Hey, you're really pretty

is that good? Date right there? Idk, I've never approached random strangers but I suppose I might try my luck one day. How do I approach a random but beautiful stranger?

The problem is that the more beautiful they are, the more shy I get ya know? gggaaaahhhhh!!! Maybe I'll give her a rose or something and just walk away...
Or should I kidnap beautiful women? You girls like that right?


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  • Honestly, It is really rare that I fall for a guy that gives me a compliment as soon as he sees me. I prefer the usual boring stuff, giving me compliments immediatley is just, I don't know it just doesn't appeal to me. It's great to receive compliments later but not too often. When guys compliment me too often I tend to get annoyed, because it feels like it's the only thing they care about and the only thing they think I want to hear.

    Just talk about stuff that is relevant for you guys, like if you are outside talk about the weather. If you are holding a door for her say stuff like: Oh this door can be heavy sometimes and then laugh ( you don't want her to think you are serious hahaha) and just random stuff that makes sense in that situation.

    Hope this helps a bit ahha.


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  • Opening is crucial, clear w your intent and proud of what you're doing.
    Assumption part/observational statement is more important because you're going to make your own stories/sentences after you observe what things on her appearance-jobs/interest/...
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    If you want something more genuine, check out Johnny Berba, he practices natural game.

  • 1. look for IOI
    2. approach
    3. "Hi :), are you single?"

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