The guy I've been seeing for 9 months stopped talking to me anyone have any ideas what this is about or how to get him to have a convo about it?

I've been seeing M, for 9 months We started as friends with benefits but about 4.5 months in things changed he started staying after sex, wed cuddle for hours, romantic music played while we hooked up, he stopped calling us friends with benefits & said we were seeing each other, we fuck became were intimate I moved 2 hours away for 2 months when I moved back he was there the 1st night & everything was fine That was mid march around the 1st of April we had trouble makin plans id started a new job & he started a 2nd job We made plans 1 night & he flaked bc he couldnt get in touch with me Then i was arrested i text M when i got out (12 hours later) & went to bed he didn't reply The nxt day hed posted on fb bout someone screwed up lookin to him for stability. i sent some bitchy txts & for w/e reason decided it was a good time to tell him how i feel (i dont do emotions) when he got up that night he text he was hurt but we were ok His phone was off for a week when we talked argued M was being very vague then decided there was no point in talkin bout it bc i wasn't bein "straight forward" the last thing he said was "i never said what you have to say is unimportant you said talk bc i wanted to talk i said i was done talking about it so i was just clearing that up" he was obv mad so i tried to give him space that was 4/27. He started ignoring my txts & calls i left him alone for 2 weeks then I ran into him right before i left he said hello i said hey the nxt day i text him no reply i saw him a few days later he didn't speak i text hed blocked my number. I saw him again 5/31 & gave him somethin back he said whats up i called him a dick he said yeah? & walked off then said at least im honest...about myself i text him later & it went through between the 29 & 31 he unblocked me he's been completly silent aside from the gas station Before this happened we needed to talk but were avoiding it all im really askin for is the chance to explain w/e he thinks i lied about. Any ideas

thanks i get the hint but among other things its about him mannin up he pussied out early w his xbff he's not quiet only avoids confrontation if he cares & is pretty in touch emotionally I've a reason to make him talk but character limits killing me
To explain he pussied out early, I dated his x best friend K (yeah im why its x) for a year when K wanted to get back together M wouldn't tell him about us tho he ask me not to so he could also tends to avoid confrontation when he's gonnna get killed


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  • He is done with you. You aren't what he planned you would be, and he is taking the cowards way out...not talking hoping you'll get the message and go away...he's probly the kind if dude that hates confrontations and talking about things in general, he stays silent most of the time.


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