How do I keep him interested and make him like me?

I am completely and utterly in love with my ex.
He is the love of my life.
We broke up when university ended for the holidays because we couldn't do distance.
Now we are back at uni and have been seeing each other for like 3 months. We keep getting drawn back to each other.
We both have some emotional/mental issues and he says that he needs to work on himself before he can commit. Probably the same for me too.

For the last 3 months we have been sleeping together, sleeping over (not necessarily sleeping together), kissing cuddling, chatting, getting food, just hanging out etc.
He has said some really cute stuff to me and honestly makes me the happiest I can be.

However, lately i have got really bad emotionally. I get very anxious, cry a lot, overthink thinks, annoy him and cause arguments a lot. I think I am pushing him away.
He isn't a big text messager or anything, but sometimes we will go a few days without talking and i get this feeling he doesn't want me.

The other day I got upset and he said 'no matter if i try or don't try i get treated the same'. He said I need to focus on myself and not him, but that nothing would change. He also said that I have unlimited chances with him.

Also, when I got really stressed out the other day i sent a message saying i really liked him and was scared of losing him blah blah blah. He sent a message saying 'stop. I mean don't stop liking me, but stop getting stressed and being weird'.

I really want to act fun and happy and draw him back to me. I want him to want me, to want to hang out with me. I know that the feelings are there, especially when we are actually hanging out with each other, i just need him to act on them.


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  • You sound sweet but a little clingy hold on loosely but dont let go, and he sounds like a jerk you probably could do a lot better


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  • Stop ! You definitely need to work on you and your emotional issues. Obsession is not love. It is unhealthy. Get counseling better you hurt yourself.


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  • Just let go of the negative thinkings and don't think over things too much. Things are gonna be fine. I used to be in the same condition as you, where I couldn't control my own emotion and acted weird for the most time. But get your mind outta it. Think less about the depressing things. If you're happy with him, then just be it.
    By him saying that, he's not gonna leave you and I think he also feel the same about you. But he doesn't want himself to be the reason why you're acting weird and stuffs. Like, he want to be good for you.
    Just think positively and be happy with him. I'm sure that he's gonna be fun too if you're also expressing your happiness with him, because he worried.
    And about the distance, if both of you guys are really in love, I guess for the next holiday you two can find your own way to keep in touch :)

    (I hope you can find this useful though am not an expert on this stuff)

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