How can get a gf now that time has passed me by?

I should be married now with a family but I'm struggling just to get a date because of my shyness. What can I do? Thanks


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  • Yeah, sometimes the guys said that i love a girl at the first sight.Because she is so cute, beautiful...And the girls said that i love a guy at the first sight.Because he is so charming, handsome...Then they be together.But they found that they cannot get along very well.Always argue, always fight.Because the character, personality and so on.
    So don't worry, u will meet the one who's suitable for u.If u go to bookstore, library or the place like this.Not the bar, club.I think u can meet a nice girl.:)
    Wish u good luck.


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  • You are not old at all.
    Being overweight is something you can change if you feel you'd benefit from it.
    Even if you just do it for your overall Wellbeing. You might meet someone at the gym.

  • I would recommend giving your life to Christ and getting involved in a church. There are plenty of women in the church who are still waiting on a Christian man of integrity.

    Plus women devoted to Jesus will cherish you instead of dump you if you aren't fulfilling their expectations.

    Just a suggestion. :)

    • Thanks for your response and suggestion. I attend church regularly but the women aren't interested in me. I'm too fat, old, and ugly.

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