I need some advice before any more time is lost can anyone help?

I haven't seen or spoken to this girl who I like for about 3 months now and i know she likes me because the chemistry was great and we would flirt like mad when we was together and we used to touch.
One small doubt was in my mind though because me and her male cousin only just made up from an old dispute as we was very good friends and when we started hanging out again that's when i first met her and i like i say we was very good together but her cousin started talking about me again then we fell out for good this time and i ended up deleting him off face book along with the girl of my dreams because i actually thought she was playing games with her cousin just to spite me from the argument previous but only for someone to tell me later down the line that she isn't like that at all :( what a mistake i have made and the biggest ever in my eyes what would you advise me to say to her? because i can't get her out of my head and i don't want to lose something what was and still can be amazing for us both.


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  • Definitely talk to her. Let her know you made a mistake and that it was just a big misunderstanding. Tell her how you feel, dude. You can't let this cousin interfere with something that could potentially be an amazing life long connection.

    • Thank you your words are golden :), any suggestions what will make her fall fast for me meaning on what to say or do?

    • You're welcome :)
      If I were you I would incorporate the things that she likes or things she's interested in into it whatever you do.
      That shows her that you are paying attention and that you are interested in her.
      Good luck!

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