So I found out that ex made out with another guy and now I'm jealous?

to try and explain we broke up for a while when she was away at school cause she was upset at me for things I had done last year but now were friends again and were hanging out on Friday night at local bar for a few hours.
but yeah near the end of the night at fast food place , this guy appeared who was not at bar with us and he talked to her , and it came out that they made out last weekend and went golfing or planning on going golfing together ( she works at golf course so golf's odd time when there ) that part might not be a big deal as she might golf with a lot of people but making out thing got me really jealous so after he left I told her how I had meet this other girl the weekend before to get her jealous.

but anyways I'm annoyed as I still really like her and want to get back together with her but this other guy is now in the picture and I'm worried she's going to date him or something

but yeah what should I do about this? should I just proceed with trying to date her again and ignore the other guy or ask her which one of us she is actually interested in dating. should I tell her that I would not feel comfortable with her hanging out or golfing with this guy if we were dating again and a couple?


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  • I don't think you should be playing any games or trying to make her jealous. That is not the way to go.
    If you want to try to be with her again you need to communicate with her. Talk to her openly and honestly about what you want and how you feel. If you don't let her know these things you're going to keep them bottled up and always wonder what if. Also the longer you wait the more "in the picture" this guy will get.

    If they are already a thing, then you should tell her how you feel so its out there and you're not bottling it up. But also try to get out there and really move on yourself. It might help to spend less time with her while trying to move on. You're only making it harder for yourself by being around her.
    Maybe you can continue to be friends after you've moved on because those feelings won't be so strong.

    • I agree we have some communication issues , that was a major reason things didn't work out first time. she has never been clear to me what she wanted. the spending time with her is weird I agree and other girls wonder when they see us together as they though we broke up but then see us in public together. and my guess is everyone is very confused about us. but I still like being friends with her , were very close like she is my sister oddly

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