Would you date a guy in this situation?

Plenty of women aren't attracted to guys that they feel are too out of shape, not a big secret. So if you met a guy who you felt was too out of shape to be physically attractive, despite him having the personality you were looking for, then he lost the weight, would your level of interest change?

This isn't about any girl in particular, it's just a general question of would a change in fitness make some women suddenly become interested? Or would the fact the guy was once unappealing "stick in your mind" and make you unable to see him differently now?


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  • There have been times when initially i was not very attracted to a guy but as i got to know him i became attracted to him, however they werent necessarily out of shape, they just more-so weren't in great shape (scrawny).

    If after getting to know them and I still found I was not attracted to them (out of shape or whatever it may be) than I wouldn't date them (not in a shallow way but I don't think you should get into relationships with people you aren't attracted to).

    If that person got into shape and I became attracted to him and we had chemistry than I would consider dating him, but generally if there wasn't any chemistry beforehand there wouldn't be after him getting into shape.

    I hope this made sense.

    • It did make sense.

      It sounds like you'll get into a relationship with a guy if there's great chemistry there, so long as the physical attraction is within reason (you have to at least have some degree of attraction there). You're willing to look past the physical shortcomings to some degree, but ultimately if there was no physical attraction there it's just not happening.

      If the guy who you had 0 physical attraction to but had great chemistry with otherwise had gotten in shape, that would change things.

      Sound like I got what you were saying right?

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    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • To be completely honest, when I first meet/see a guy his appearance does weigh into my first impression. However, this won't keep me from wanting to get to know him further. If I get know him and he has a great personality or we have really great chemistry I would definitely over look his appearance whether it be out of shape or anything. If he got more into shape and became more physically appealing I would just see it as an added bonus to his wonderful personality.


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