If you knew a someone liked you but you DIDN'T like them back, would you still text them :) faces?

Seemed pretty obvious that she was interested in me too... but she "turned me down" when I asked her to hang due to CULTURAL REASONS (just trust me, it's not an excuse). She texted me the very next day after to compliment me on something and her texts were filled with :) faces - I got the feeling it was to show "I do like you". We still text, and when she texts me she always puts a :) in the message, which I do too , then the whole conversation has :) in every single reply.

I am 99% sure the "rejection" was due to culture (no dating or hanging with guys), but I sometimes worry that she doesn't like me... would she be doing that if she didn't?


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  • You're putting too much importance on a simple smiley. Calm down.


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  • Yes, I text smiley faces in almost every sentence to any person because It makes the convo seem more pleasant than it actually is.


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