How often do I text my ex that I want to start something with?

so this guy and i dated last year for a month and we werent able to really hang out because we went to different schools, plus he's a grade above me. oh and i started texting him again like 3 weeks ago and it has kind of been awkward but we would text everyday to every fews days ya know. so he text me on Tuesday of last week and i tried texting last night (saturday) and he never replied. the only reason i didn't text him during the week was finals and what not but i already said hey what's up so im not gonna say something again like sorry i never texted you last week, but i just feel bad. so when it comes to this, since we aren't serious can i wait up to 1-2 days to text him again or the next day when we finally do start texting regularly?


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  • i'd wait till tomorrow or tonight to send another message. my reasoning is, if you want to text him, why not text him?

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