What do you think of a girl like this?

Well I'm curious because sometimes I feel like a weirdo and that I scare or bore guys.

I know I'm pretty, I'm fit, 5'6 blonde and curly hair, green/blue eyes.

But I'm a good girl, in parties I just don't dance with every guy, i drink but moderately, I don't smoke, ice been drunk just 2 times because I mixed tequila whiskey and Ron, I love my friends and family.

I love dancing and clubbing with friends, I'm not a flirt, but am I boring because of that?

Or what does guys find boring in a girl?
I'm almost 20 years old, I've never kissed someone and neither had a bf.

I'm not desperate, but it would be nice to have a bf, talk with him, kiss him, etc.

Well also I get shy if I like someone and I'm near him I get nervous, but isn't that normal?
Maybe when I'm nervous I try too much to look disinterested, and that leads me ever more far from guys.

I always try to keep it cool.

If you like a girl, how do you like to conquer her?, and how to make it so you don't look easy nor extremely hard to get?


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  • Don't worry too much about how others perceive you, you're not weird at all I think we are alike in many ways actually. I've never had a boyfriend yet either and i'm 18, we'll find the right guys for us eventually, and if by the time we're 50 and not married then we can track down and marry each other :)


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  • If you're looking for a guy to "conquer" you... well you probably need to see a therapist. Be yourself. It's OK to put yourself in uncomfortable social situations to try to expand the possibilities of meeting someone but don't change your personality to try to attract someone. You'll realize your relationship is a sham after it's too late.

    • No I won't change myself, but I was saying maybe I should keep it easier and if I'm interested know how to show it... That's the thing because I always take it to the extreme of desinterest, even if I like someone

    • I can understand. I'm kind of in the same boat. I think it's grotesque to overtly hit on a woman but when I do try to flirt girls never pick up on it. I'm just stereotypically "nice". And the women I'm attracted to aren't generally aggressive. The few relationships I have had only developed because a mutual friend has expressed to both of us we 'like' each other.

  • Disinterest is never the route to go, always show some interest but play a flirty hand...not a i want to take you home tonight...also...clubs aren't the best way to meet people in my opinion, to noisy and too many things going on

  • Sounds joooooocy. Don't worry about easy or whatever, just go hard for it.

  • it comes when you least expect it


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