What can I start doing right now to get a gf?

Women aren't attracted to me. Does this mean I'll never get a gf?


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  • It's not that women aren't attracted to you. You just haven't found the right woman. Have you got low self confidence? Women can sense these things and are often turned off by that.

    • Yeah I have low self esteem because they are not attracted to me. Besides women my age don't want to be in relationships

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    • I don't think they're all superficial. I've been on those sites and I know I'm not like that.
      Do you think it may, by any small chance, have anything to do with your attitude toward women?

    • I have nothing against women so you can stop. I was raised by women, my mom and aunts took care of me and I have nothing but respect for women. I have 2 sisters, and 3 nieces

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  • The most important thing from my perspective is to meet as many people as possible. Take a new class, start a new hobby, anything where you're out of your comfort zone around new people. As well as being an easy way to meet a great woman it helps boost confidence like you wouldn't believe, and that's important