What should I do next? Should I still see him?

So I have been seeing this guy for about 2 months now. 3 weeks ago he told me that he had something to tell me: he had been in an on and off relationship with this girl (Sarah) for five years. And she is still his roommate, and they sleep on the same queen bed ( without sex). He told me he always saw her no more than just a friend, and they had intimacy issues. Before we started seeing each other, he and her had a "getting together ceremony", and hoped things would be better after the ceremony. But they didn't, and he met me. I saw her on facebook, listed as married to Josh ( the guy I'm seeing), but in reality they didn't officially get married. After me and josh talked, he told her about me, and she knows me. But, she is traveling now for most of the summer, and I don't know what to do! I don't feel comfortable dating a guy when he has not completely cleared up his previous relationship with sarah, and she still lives in his apartment. He told me that he assumes when she comes back from traveling, she would move out. So, while she is traveling, should I still see him? Or should I tell him" sorry I don't feel comfortable until she moves out?" But I really like him and being around him.. I'm afraid if I don't see him for two months he is going to be gone and never come back!!! Help!!


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  • I almost feel he was seeing you to finally disconnect himself completely from her. Irregardless of him having non sexual contact with her, he was seeing you for two months. In that time frame he should have started really separating from her by not sharing a bed.. but he didn't. Instead he put you in this awkward situation. From his action, it looks like he needs to make a move and finally separate himself from her or you are wasting your time. Listen to his words but if his actions are opposite, you have your answers. Good luck! xoxo

    • yes i agree with you. Should i still see him while she is gone for traveling now?

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    • thank you so much!!! The problem is that she is traveling now for most of the summer, so she can't really do anything... (move out, etc.)

    • Absolutely, see him while she is gone. He has already said there is a separation. Both parties are aware of you and if an issue arises, you know not to waste anymore time! You deserve better than a guy who has no clue what he wants!