How should I go about trying to date this girl?

Me and this girl have been friends for three to four years, talking off and on. Recently I started talking to her again. We're both going off to college in about a year.

I've always been interested in her, but have never told her my feelings about her, and I don't want to rush anything, but I want to work quick so if anything romantic happens we have time to live it out together before we end it or go to college.

Other info: her best friend is into me I think, but she knows I'm not into her best friend. I'm planning on doing a lot of things over the summer with her.

Really, I want to know how I should take this friendship to the next level.

Also forgot to add that she is interested in this guy heavily, who treats her horrible, but he is leaving in June or July for college.


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  • Just make sure this is what u want if u all are friends now and get together and then for some unseen reason u break up that could ruin u r friendship

    • Well, me and her are both leaving for college in about a year, so it won't really matter in the long run. Sure, it would suck losing her friendship, but it would suck even more if I didn't take a chance and go for her.

    • Go for it take the chance I just wanted u to kno what was at steak the beat way would be to just come out and tell her how u feel

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