Just talking to a random girl?

Okay so one of my greatest fears is that I will not get married, since I haven't had much success with women. Through that my confidence is slipped/slipping (yes still going down). I have gone on dates, but it seems like the girls I go out with are just using me as means to an end. Where I am looking for something more meaningful. I do have an degree (which I haven't been able to find a job in for the last few years). Don't get me wrong I work, but just not the type of job I want and barely pays the bills (yes still at home the folks). I am going back for my masters in something different, hopefully which will help me get a better job and a start on trying to live my life the way I want to.

Okay, back to the point just the other day I was with my dad and he just struck up a conversation with this girl. While I was busy racking my brain on what I would say to her. It's like man what the heck just happened. Then after that I asked him about it. Which he told me that I am looking for the perfect thing to say to girls, which shouldn't be the focus point. He was saying that I should just find a reason to strike up a conversation. So basically said I am thinking to hard about it.

My thing is okay so how do you let a girl know you are interested in her, especially when you don't know if you will see her again. Yeah I struck up a conversation, but what next?

So for those who have no problems getting girlfriends and those who may have fiancee's or wives. Pass on some of your wisdom to help me and possibly other guys like me out.


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  • Just don't stress about it, communicate say your interested and then you'll get your answer. There's no secret. Well actually at least make a good first impression.


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  • Google Chateau Heartiste. You must understand women before you get one.

    Also, don't get married. Fuck hot girls forever like me.