Girls or guys, have you ever been told something rude like this on the first few dates?

I have met this guy online. There seemed to be good communication, so we decided to meet.

The first date was OK but I didn't feel attracted to him enough. He was fun so I said maybe I have to wait and see.

He seemed interested and at the other date I just felt uncomfortable. He was also getting physically closer like touching my back or hand and whispering etc.

Later I noticed that the person in the online profile must be his brother because he looks close but with differences.

I did not like him but I didn't want to cut him off at once. He is not attractive enough for me.

I was shocked when he-in the middle of a friendly conversation about salons- said I don't take care of myself ! I asked him what he meant and he said he doesn't mean anything bad. I just told him that I am confident in who I am and asked if he would like to be told he is overweight or unattractive- which he is.He apologized but I cut him off.

I am not going to praise myself but I believe I am much more attractive than him and suited by hot men frequently. I just decided not to be shallow and give him a chance but the ugly guy who posted someone else's picture is telling me this! I would accept it from a bf who is close but not from someone like this.

Have you ever been told something rude on a date?



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  • Sounds to me like you should keep trying!

    I'd never say to a girl she didn't take care of herself... especially not when I'm just getting to know them! that's just rude! If I thought that, what I'd do is surprise her with a spa day and make up some story about how I thought she deserved some pampering!


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  • online too many liars you don't find
    many honest people, i limit my
    contact of people cause just no one
    can be trusted, i give them a chance
    than i get screwed me over, never seen fail
    yes it sucks to go on date with liar
    yes it sucks not to be yourself i rather
    hear the truth than be lied to from
    someone , i rather someone tell me to
    my face what i look like than hide i
    tell these people who judged my pictures
    come on lets go on Skype, i go on Skype
    they fail to add me , so what do they
    have that their hiding? Huh?

    • Yes, it sucks to be told something rude on date, why can't they
      have real profile pictures i do agree, I had it happen to me but
      maybe not the same way but i sure had my feel of things happen

  • sounds like a personal issue lol

  • Lmao and then he went home and whined on GAG about how he's a 24 year old virgin who never gets any.

  • I'm this guy... thanks a lot...


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  • No-one's ever said anything rude like that to me, i think that would be bad etiquette. I'd probably be taken back and a little offended. Good on you for sticking up for yourself.

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