The guy I'm dating just got a girl roomate.?

I've known him for 10 years really well n we have been dating for only a month. Before we started dating he promised a friend of his to help take in her sister who is an international student from The same country as him. She is 27 n he treats her like she's a child she just moved in n he's bending backwards to make sure she feels at home he has 2 other male roommates as well. He woke up took her grocery shopping then out to eat she paid for her own stuff, he invited me but I felt awkward n jealous n said I was busy. Since we have not labeled each other he says I have trust issues n should trust him n that since I'm not his GF that he can do whatever he wants n that she's no his type ( mind you she's not ugly) he's tried to tell me he cares for me n doesn't want to let me go but that I'm annoying him with my jealousy. I told him that I couldn't help it n that if he doesn't like it to leave me alone. I went shopping with them n he was trying his hardest to help her find what she wanted it bothered me n I just walked off to go shopping n left them alone. He said this weekend he's going to take her downtown n show her around n that I was more than welcomed to go with him. But I don't like sharing his attention so I don't want to go. I honestly don't even want to deal with him. But I started to really like him. I don't know what to do. I'm frustrated. I met this girl n she's nice n she thinks he's my BF but he even told her that we're just dating. N so did I. But he try's to reassure me that he won't cheat on me because he knows what he wants n he's a man not a little confused boy. N that I'm the best sexual partner he's ever had. He has slipped twice n told me he loved me already. I don't feel like he's considering my feelings. Maybe I'm an attention whore but I feel that the guy I like should put me above every other female. Help n give me advice please am I over reacting

she was asking him about what kind of tampons she should get n tried to take him to Victoria secret with her when they went shopping. I'm a girl n I would never ask a guy that or take a guy to Victoria secret with me unless I'm interested in him
Ok this question has been resolved. I just dumped him yesterday. A women should never feel like the third wheel with the guy she's dating. She shouldn't make a man her priority when she's only his option. He was wrong by neglecting me over her.


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  • You may be over-reacting a little. Being jealous of other women, to the extent that he's not able to have female friends or help others out, is a problem. You should look into that, like have you ever been cheated on before? Any residual issues? Also you've know him for 10 years. Has he ever cheated to your knowledge with past girlfriends? Is he the type to lie to you? There has to be an actual reason you feel so insecure right?

    • He can have female friends but living with one n spending a lot of time with one bothers me a bit. N yes I've been cheated on n do not trust anyone unless they earn it by not betraying my trust as a friend and lover should. Actions speak louder than words. With him saying he can do what he pleases because we're not official bothers me a bit even though I'm not ready to be serious either I'm a one man kind of women. It seems like he's overly helping her out. He's more like hanging out with her whenever he can.

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    • Don't call him on that though, because you might offend his honor by suggesting he's the cheating type.
      Instead look after yourself, make sure that you're maintaining your health, friendships, career etc in case things do become complicated. And also to draw his attention back to you. Don't let this fester and spoil the time you two spend together. Show him why you're such an amazing person to be with, and that women such as yourselves shouldn't be taken for granted.

    • I love this advice basically just leave it alone do me n be happy n healthy tk