How do I figure out if our drunken kiss means anything more?

I was out clubbing on Saturday night and a guy I quite like and that I text a lot had come out for me. In the last club we were alone for a bit away from the large group of people we had gone with. Then he kissed me, and carried on doing so multiple time throughout the night, as well as making sure I was okay getting up and down stairs and being quite protective. After closing time we ended up making out for an hour straight and then we walked to the taxi rank, he held hands with me and told me to tell him if he was walking too fast as I had heels on. We taxi shared with two friends and ended up cuddling in the back of the taxi.
The next day things were a little awkward and even though he's messaging me I just want to know how he feels about what happened. I asked him if he had any regrets and he said no. I quite like him and I'm not sure how he feels. He is a shy person and I know the last time he told someone how he felt they rejected him.
Please just help me understand how he may be thinking.


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  • Lmao he likes you.

    • How can you tell?

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    • What do I do now then? He's really shy, so should I tell him I like him

    • I'd wait for him to make the first move. Just give him an opportunity to make it.

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