My signifiactn other is amazing. But why does he need all this attention from me? I do everything for him.?

ever since our engagement he has been giving me this weird attitude. and i have been getting angry at him for it. i just dont understand why he has to be violent. i men he is a very smart man, but he just does the most dumbest things. im not trying to call him stupid but his behavior and getting jealous of me hanging out with my girls has to stop.

Like he is violent with his words and when i ask hime to stop doing things like touching my butt (lol) it annoys me.
And its like sometimes it just bothers me


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  • Yeah ask the guy below stated, we need some more info on the situations that go down between you two.

    First of all, being violent, as you have stated, as a response to you efforts in the relationship is never an ok thing, unless it's like some agreed thing between you two.

    Clearly he feels very strongly for you, and he is very insecure about how you feel about him. Take him aside for a talk, you'll need to do this a lot in your eventual marriage anyway so get some practice. Ask him (calmly) why he can sometimes approach you in a violent manner about your relatiosnhip. Tell him how you look after him and the things you do. Reassure him that you are there for him.

    If he continues to respond in the same way though, then you've got to think whether a violent relationship (and) marriage is for you. Use your engagement period to really suss him out. Marriage is not something to be taken lightly.

  • What is he doing, exactly?


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