Guys, If you want to attract the most girls possible, follow this guideline?

There are 3 factors in the desirability equation.

desirability = physical appearance * earning potential * social connections

Physical Appearance
Face - Symmetrical, well proportioned, with good coloring and contrast
Face must have near perfect bilateral symmetry
Eyes - Blue or Green
Hair - Brown
Skin - Medium to Olive Toned, Clear complexion, healthy glow
Teeth - White and well exposed during smile
Facial Hair - Clean Shaven
Face should fit the golden ratio proportions, have good FWHR, midface ratio, equal facial thirds ratio, ears must not protrude, chin must have good projection, lower third of face must have lateral robustness and defined gonial angle and ramus. Cheekbones defined with visible zygomatic arch. Short philtrum, small but strong sculpted nose, lower lip at least same size as upper lip, square hairline that is not receded, straight forehead that does not round or slope too much. Lips wider than nose, eyebrows low set and not overly arched, wide temples and broad forehead equal in width to the cheekbones and mandible.
Height must be exactly 6'1 w/o shoes
Must have wide shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist.
BF % of 8 - 10 %
Arms must be exactly 16'' circumference
Back must have an s curvature and be thick and strong
Adonis belt covering hip bones
Pecs must be filled out but not too big
Delts must be well developed and have visible striations
Abs must have good symmetry and be well defined
Forearms must be ripped
Hands must not have stubby fingers
Traps must have high insertion points
Legs and glutes toned but not overly big

Yearly Salary must be >$100k/yr for most women, for more wealthy women this should be >$1million per year
Clothing - Must have great fashion sense, wear expensive well fitting clothing and great cologne and watches
SOCIAL STATUS - Have many wealthy and powerful friends, be well known for a particular talent.
Perfect Age range 28>age>38


PERSONALITY/VOICE - Must be Outgoing, Funny, Cheerful, Happy, Extroverted, and know how to dance and sing good. Have a deep but gentle voice. Carry a positive facial expression and body language.
Also , speak multiple languages as to attract foreign women.


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  • I don't understand why you posted this? To validate your own sense of helplessness and bitch about how women want nothing but perfection? Is there another reason?

    Presuming that's what's implied here, what you posted is someone's idea of perfection. Not mine in particular since I would tweek many of those traits, but it's still an idea of perfection.

    But that doesn't mean guys have to be perfect, or even near this thing you posted to get a date. That's ridiculous. In fact, I am never attracted to perfect looking guys. I find that physical flaws and "weirdness" in a guy's personality give him character and make him feel closer to me, which is much more comfortable. Perfection you described bores me, intimidates me and I never look at those guys twice. When pursued by a guy close to "perfection", I presumed he just wanted sex and I withdrew very fast. Thinking back I may have been mean and he was not a player, but I just couldn't be comfortable around him to enjoy his company and open up, let alone become serious.

    This may be my hangup alone, but I doubt it. Many people seem to be uncomfortable with perfect people, expecting them to date other perfect people. =/

    So stop whining.
    It's the most unattractive thing on a guy. Probably why you're here posting this, instead of being out on a date.

    • I'm by no means whining, I am just analyzing whatever data I can find on female preferences, selecting what the highest percentage of women prefer of a particular characteristic, and tabulating it. This gives a rough approximation of what most women are attracted to, so that men can tweak certain aspects of themselves to appeal to a greater percentage of women.

      This is a numbers game were playing, and the opinion of one does not reflect the opinion of the majority. Almost all of these traits share a highly positive correlation with female attraction ON AVERAGE, meaning that a high proportion of women in the human population prefer these traits.

      Maximization of attraction towards the MAJORITY of women leads to an easier dating life and larger pool of women from which you could select a spouse from.

      ^^^ So there's my logic. I just happen to be a very concrete and mathematical person.

      Thank you for your informative response!

    • Ok mister mathematics, that's actually a valid reason to post this topic. Like I said, I presumed you were just whining.
      But hasn't it crossed your analytical mind that maybe there is a particular type of women attracted to particular things? That this analysis of yours may be utterly useless?

      Yes some things will make you hotter to all women, but some of these things will make you hot only to the majority of women. And what if the girl you want is not in the majority?

      Say you're swimming in cash. Women will be all over you. But they will all be similar to one another. And getting to the girl you want will take a lot of weeding through gold diggers. Had you not been rich, your chances of finding love would have been higher.

      Unless you just want sex. Then thinking about what majority likes and working to satisfy that criteria is reasonable.

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  • hahaha right.

    • Just try to refute my claims, I dare you

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    • of course, because we all know that short, fat, ugly bald guys who are unemployed and have no friends are lusted after by women.

      Do you even have common sense?

    • says the man with no life experience, likely...

  • This is one of the funniest posts I've read on here. The inaccuracy is too high and the generalization of it all is sad. You're between 18 and 24 and you think you have the brains of all women mapped out as far as attraction goes. I wish you and any who take your advice the greatest of luck.

    • I think I have the brains of MOST women mapped out, there will always be outliers and exceptions from the majority.

      Thanks for the response!

  • Physical Appearance-
    To attract someone like that I will have to be pretty attractive too. And even if I miraculously DO find someone who fits that description I will probably spend my entire life dealing with low self esteem.

    Yearly Salary- I can earn for myself, thanks. As long as he is happy with his work and is doing something worthwhile with his life, I won't care how much he earns.
    Clothing - I have zero fashion sense. I am not looking for a model anyway.
    SOCIAL STATUS - Uh..I don't wanna date his entire group of friends...why will I care if they are "powerful" or "wealthy"? Makes no sense.

    PERSONALITY/VOICE- Whatever. As long as we can hold good conversations and can make each other laugh.

  • Wtf? I diagree with half of that. Guys with beards are sexier than clean shaven guys.

    • I suggest going to your local homeless shelter to find a date

    • lmfao I bet you've never been on a date !

    • I have been rejected by a girl and the pain drove me to figure out exactly what is required to minimize my chance of future rejection.

  • This is not what attracts females...


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  • Shit, i only have a few months to go before i'm too old. I better get on changing my skin tone, improving my facial symmetry and i got a way to go to hit those biceps. Oh and I need to get shorter.

    Wait that's less than 38, not less than or equal to.

    I'm out.

    • Taller is better than shorter, but studies have shown that 6'1 men get the most messages on dating sites, all other factors considered equal.

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    • @ Opinion Owner

      being 7 feet tall is a huge disadvantage in life, you are more predisposed to medical problems such as heart disease and osteoperosis, cancers, you can't fit into public spaces, and quite frankly I don't believe your story one bit. I think women were swarming to him the way people swarm around elephants in a zoo, at that height you are a freak and most women will not date a freak, despite being intrigued by them.

    • Many women won't. A minority will. A larger minority are interested, then there are men like that.

      It's supply and demand, not 'how to attract as many as possible'. Nobody attracts everyone. What benefits you the most is -really- attracting some women.

  • Yah know those questions where you get about a third of the way down and think fuck this?

    • You know those people who reject politically incorrect truths about human nature?

  • Were you friends with Elliot Roger?

  • Omg really? We can't help how we're born

    • There are cosmetic procedures that can alter/improve just about every physical criteria I listed, including height. These cost $$$ of course.

    • I'd rather have a woman who wants me for me