How do you calculate how long you have been dating?

this might be a stupid question...but, my boyfriend i were dated for about month. and then we broke up and then we got back together about couple weeks later. we have now been together for about 3 weeks. how do you calculate how long u have been together? do u add the past relationship time with the current one or do you just go with the current time?


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  • well according to how I met your mother all the time and experience adds up.

    • so then. since in the past we dated for a month, and now it has currently been 3 weeks, your saying that we have dating for a month and 3 weeks, practically 2 months?

    • yeah basically. you just add it all. you don't reset the clock pretty much because you can't reset it and go back to completely fresh. you two already know each other well enough at some point and experienced things that brought you two closer together.

  • with a calendar.


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