Is there any hope to this situation , I still love her but should we just break up once and for all?

sort of had an off again on again thing with this girl for last year or so. one day she likes me , the next she hates me type of thing. we broke up last fall then she went away to school for a while and I didn't see her and really missed her , she came back home a few weeks ago and I have seen her twice at local bar , we talked each time.

but on Friday things got much more serious and weird. so I saw her and her gf who is blonde / single and very hot and went over to table they were at and talked to them and sat with them for over an hour. I also sat rate beside ex gf and it looked like we were a couple again. but this guy who also likes her came over and was drunk and sat beside her as well , and like talked about her boobs and how he wanted to have sex with her , it was just disgusting to listen to and she seemed to enjoy the attention. then another girl we each know came over and sat at table , I didn't know she knew her but when we were broke up I had talked to this other girl and wanted to date her. ex picked up rate away that I liked her and got really jealous and like left the table and then left the bar.

then I see her again at local pizza place but she is with another guy she knows from bar scene , and it turns out they "made out " last weekend and plan on going golfing together this week , he even had the nerve to kiss her in front of me and he knows I'm involved with her but then he left. the whole thing just made me so jealous so I told her about another girl I had meet at another bar to try and get her jealous and it seemed to work.

anyways after all this I asked if she and her other gf ( I left hot blonde at the bar ) wanted a ride home and they accepted so I drive them there , they never really said much in the car about what had happened or if she even liked either of those guys and I haven't heard anything from her since and I'm starting to feel jealous about this other guy and cannot bear to even think about her being with him

so my question is what should I do about her? should we try and continue to be friends? should I ask if she wants to go golfing with me as she works at golf course?
to explain further we broke up last year for jealously issues


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  • If she commits and really tries to make the friendship work, then sure, but don't get your hopes up. She's hot and cold, and why should you make all the effort? If jealousy is why you broke up last year, then the jealousy now will probably drive you away from each other again and a relationship would be even more difficult. It's probably best that you don't try to pursue any kind of relationship with her.

    • we seem to almost naturally be good friends that doesn't seem to be the problem. there seemed to be a lot of jealousy issues over other girls we knew. some of her gf's are very good looking and maybe that made her feel less good looking then them and insecure. I have so many feelings for her I don't know what to do

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