I went on flaky on him bc I just got out of REALLY bad relationship. I ended it months ago so i'm not rebounding...but?

went on a date with someone. didn't expect it to work it out. he was super nice, told me three time she wanted to hang out and instant msged me his number right after i left him.

i blew him off and ignored his msgs. then, i said yea we'll hang out next week but made no confirmed plans. and sent some cute but really distant msgs with emoticons. wouldn't give him my number and then deicded to and explained that i never text anyone anymore but i could start.

some hot guy i used to date commented on my page and i replied to him bc i wasnt' thinking.

i woke up and decided i did like him and sent him a date. he agreed to a date. but hasn't confirmed plans.

what do i do?

i think explaining the relationshp thing is too much, i'm not on the rebound, it ended months ago but i was confused.

do i just text him and be normal? i just wanted to take it slower and it just got super intense for me. like, i didn't want to start texting him all the time...because i need space not closeness.


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  • Text him back if you want to and talk things over with him on your date telling him how you feel and that you want to take things slow.I don't think it would be a rebound since you got out of a relationship months ago.I think it's good that your dating again.Also a date doesn't mean that it has to work out.If it does then that is great and if it doesn't well at least you tried.

    • i said i didn't text, so weve been fbing msging back and forth. now he's gone silent. makes sense. mixed msgs and he was a gentleman and did EVERYTHING right.

    • i should text him that? that iwant to talk over things on the date. i m ean it was a first date, it seems a little too much, like drama when there isn't any.

      i guess i should just start texting. its effort. ugh i hate dating. im going to go hug my puppy. LOL

    • lol, my bad I misread what you wrote I thought you was texting.But yeah your right talking things over on a first date is too much.I think it depends on the matority level of the person your dating.I had girls tell me personal things on first dates and I didn't judge them on that.Im very open minded and patient. But true your don't want to create drama if you don't have to.Yeah text only if you want to.If you force yoruself to do it then you may not like it as much.Alot of people don't like texting or even talking on the phone. Yes dating is tough.But try and make the best of it and just go out and have fun. Don't make it tougher then it has to be.I think it's a lot of reasons he could had went silent.But lol hugging the puppy sounds like fun. :)

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