What do you if a guy you are talking to is so jealous?

I liked a photo of a guy in Facebook, and a guy who I talk to everyday get angry with me (we are not even dating).
What do you think? Does he have right or not?
I think no, because we are not dating, imagine if we date, it's going to be worse.


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  • The guy sounds very possessive of you. If you did date him, these insecurities would become much worse and he would possibly begin trying to control who you may and may not talk/interact with. He has absolutely no right in being upset. If you two do begin to date, you make sure to set boundaries. If you don't set any, pretty soon he will be trying to micro manage your entire life.

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    • Liking a guy's pic is harmless. He really has no right, his jealousy is the beginning of a toxic friendship. I would not stick around for long if that continued. Do what you feel is best. Tell him he is over reacting and it is not worth losing your friendship over his jealousy.

    • Thanks a lot, really.

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  • He has a mental problem. Stay away.

    • Thats what i'm going to do.

  • No he doesn't have the right to get jealous or even get pissed at you. If he's like this now when you too aren't even dating just imagine how he'll be once you too start dating it's just not worth the stress

  • lol. no he doesn't have the right. Why are you even asking this question. Just tell him to stay away from you.

    • But he is a good frien, so I don't know

    • friend

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