When dating someone gets past the new and exciting phase...?

What goes through your mind when you realize the initial puppy love phase is over? Do you feel like things are getting routine and boring and you feel like ending it? What makes you stick it out and continue seeing this person?


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  • This is easier than you think and the answer is automatic. If you're with the right person, you will absolutely love being bored with them! If you are with Mr Right, then when you settle into that part of the relationship, it won't matter what is going on, or not, you will want to be with each other.

    • Is it normal for the frequency of contact to decrease with time? Meaning, they might take longer to respond, thus leading to shorter conversations throughout the day. Naturally, you'd have less things to talk about so I'm not stressing about that.

    • Yes, that will taper off.

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  • When the first puppy love fades I feel like ending it, cause if they were the "one" I'd think that feeling never goes away.

    I'll wait it out a while just to be sure though

    • How long do you usually wait?

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    • I agree, 3-6 months is a good amount of time. Thanks for your input.

    • Cool I'm glad I could help (:

  • This is why true emotional and mental connection matter so much in relationships!

    Many many MANY people bail on a relationship because the "fresh and new" honeymoon phase is over.


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