Why do I hate it when he talks while were in a group, but when its just us, I like him? In a group setting, I usually find him annoying?

he just asks really sarcastic almost bitter, i find it funny when he's talking to me, but like regardless of what he's saying, if its a comment to someone else I honestly just want him to stfu. What does this mean? Any idea why I get so annoyed?


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  • its because you see parts of your self reflected back at you in a negative way. you see somthing that you would do but done wrong and your mind thinks there's something wrong. alone he's not trying to be cool :D

  • It sounds like you are a bad person. No seriously, I'm detecting a mix of jealousy, immaturity, narcissism, and controlling characteristics that are just a smoldering cauldron of yuck.

    He needs to find someone else but might be too chicken to do it; dump him so he can move on to someone else, and you can take the time out for further introspection and to grow as well.


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