He knows that I like him but we're not friends.?

I've never been in this situation before. I find it awkward he knows I'm crushing on him through the immature way--someone was trying to find out info for me twice...the first time she basically told him.

I'm guessing he's a little shy because his first reaction was just to start looking at me when I'd be around. He eventually worked up the courage to say hi.

I know I could just ask him out but now that things have reached such an unusually weird level, I don't want to be so forward because I'm feeling awkward.

Any thoughts?


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  • you need an ice breaker go to a party with him or tell him you guys should hang out sometime. just smile lovingly and itll go good. get friends together and games going drinks if your of age :D

    • That's why I tried before, the first time we spoke. I just plan on asking him for a drink now but all of this extra stuff has made me nervous, just knowing everyone knows!

  • I am in the same situation, he sounds shy like me. You may have to take the lead. Every time I try to run into my crush to talk to her I freeze totally an its getting weird. Here's my question: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1034595-girls-why-would-you-wave-smile-regularly-at-a-painfully-shy

    • See the thing is us girls are taught if a guy is interested he will talk to you...he will do something! I've made the move before and have asked guys out before. This is different since we aren't friends or anything! For you, I think you can easily start conversation and find out what you have in common and move it from there. Unfortunately, a lot of us assume you aren't interested if you don't even try to talk to us or show any of the classic signs.

    • She is the daughter of a friend of my fathers. She's tried to start conversations before but I just freeze. Why would she keep returning my waves? Do you think she can tell I like her and am shy? What are some signs I could give her?

    • She's being polite by returning your waves. There's nothing to read into there. She probably gauged something by the fact that you freeze. If it was me, I'd assume you were shy or I made you nervous. If you're really shy, it's going to be hard to give her those signs but like i said, you should see if there's any common ground so you can use that to hang out.

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