What's it going to be like when I meet my future girlfriend?

Well I guess what I mean is, what was it like for you when you first met your SO? Will it just all happen naturally? What is it like when you meet that right person?



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  • Mine was a surprise. I had liked this other guy for so long, I didn't see the trees within the forest. I was friends with this other guy but we only occasionally hung out but when we did, we always had so much to talk about, never got boring, naturally comfortable together and everything. But I never liked him, I liked this other guy.

    When I actually got over the other guy, realizing he was never going to like me, I started hanging out with the guy I was naturally comfortable with more. We actually became really really close and started to shove eachother playfully, talk about random things, he would choose to hang with me over his guy friends, etc. Next thing you know, I get the biggest crush on him. All of this year, we have hung out in the same group and I asked him 2 weeks ago if he liked me...and he said yes!!! We don't go out yet but we definitely are more than friends. Our flirting has become far from innocent now ;)

    So yeah, started out as acquaintances basically (when i was 16) and now we both are totally into eachother (im 18 now).


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