Does it sound like he's progressing towards a relationship or something more?

So me and my guy friend have been sexual for nearly a year. I ended up getting attached and told him (pretty much he likes me but isn't ready for a relationship at the moment, I think) but since telling him this our relationship has moved forward as I wanted to cut him off.

He's told his mum about me, we hang out more and one time just cuddled had massages. I stayed over. And now he's saying were in an open relationship when before he said we were just having fun and nothing was going on. Would you say he's trying to compromise with me because he doesn't want me to leave? And that he's progressing towards something else?


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  • all guys want to keep this up aslong as possible to leave the chance of more pussy but the truth is at some point you just have to start telling him that you are a couple


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