Will he ever come around and talk to me?

Continuing that story from the previosu question. I go down to the jail to see visiation for him, but it is only offered on the weekends. Than I go to put money down towards what I thought was for a phone call, but it turns out it went towards his booking. When he got out three days after that. I went to his moms apartment which is in my complex to see how she was doing and he answers the door and thanks me for putting the money towards his booking and wrote me on Facebook saying how amazing I was and everything. His mom tells me and so does his mom's boyfriend. They tell me that he said that I was all he could think about while he was in jail and that he wants to be with me. He is done with the immature girls that keep on getting at him all the time. Well the next day comes by and we hang out and he meets my best friend. They get along and talk, than she messages him on Facebook asking him if she can ask a question he says sure and she asks if he feels the way about me I do him he respnds with I know :) I think I do too. I like her A LOT♥ and how she cares about me♥ She is amazing:) the next day rolls by and he is stressed out, loses his chance at getting the job he applied for. He is just so overwhelmed with everything. He feels he needs to get his life on straight. Than I see he blocks me on facebook. His mom and I go too lunch that same day and she tells me she needs to talk to me and that he wanted her too talk to me for him. So, we talk and she says he just needs space, some time. he is just so overwhelmed with everything and how all these b%$ches keep on messaging him and getting at him. I just want to know. If he really cared would he be doing this, even after all I did for him and still do. I really care about this kid and we have been off and on talking since February and I just don't know what to do at this point. Help


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  • Tl:dr can we get a shorter version of this story?

    • Honestly I have no idea how to narrow it down to a T. It has details because it is such a complicated situation. My apologies

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